The long hours put into training as runners is rarely seen except during our performance on the track, road, or cross country course. Our sport is made of 5 a.m. long runs and 8 p.m. interval workouts, climbing mountains and forgoing those extra holiday sweets.

Sacrifice, perseverance, and the occasional beer crafts who we are. The companies below have seen this from our national titles and collegiate championships to our academic accolades and the prestigious degrees that earned them. As post-collegiate athletes returning to the Rogue Valley, we see the horizon of our work and the gravity of our dedication. The aid of our sponsors is critical in providing that extra push down the last 100m or charge up the final hill, we couldn’t do it without them.

To the future smiles on the podium,

we thank you.

Jackson County Physical Therapy

Ninkasi Brewing

Rogue Valley Runners

Noble Coffee Roasters


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